Matt Davis

Hometown born and raised, Matt and Annie met in junior high, were high school sweethearts, and married in 2009.

When they began their family with the birth of their first son, James  (9), in 2012, they briefly relocated to Warriors Mark and grew their family adding Jack (7), and Gwen (3).

Their love of historic Hollidaysburg and family roots, brought their family of 5 back to the where it all began in 2018.

They purchased their 1877 ‘forever’ home and have been making restorative renovations to date largely at the hands of Matt. A keen attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, and preserving the historic integrity of the home, is paramount.

In additional to beautifying their own home, this power couple formed, Naturally Beautiful Homes LLC, to buy, design, and flip homes in the borough with their signature stamp of integrating original architecture while adding modern, chic touches and amenities.

Collaboratively, they have a design vision for each property and can see clearly the potential in every piece of real estate.

Matt and Annie believe every home can be beautiful and that is what they deliver so naturally  to each and every one of their new homeowners.

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